Steampunk Funk Bizarre/Lord MontyJacques III

International purveyor of Victorian Funk, Rap and assorted lyrical conundrums, Monty mixes Victorian subject matter with danceable funk backbeat. He has created an entirely new Steampunk sound that offers a delicious confection of funk, soul and just plain fun! American based, Steampunk Chronicles' "Person to Watch/2013" has toured the UK, DE, Holland, Luxemburg, NZ with lots more to come! ... more

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Track Name: WhaDitIz
By way of explanation 'cuz ya really gotta know
I have absolutely no idea how it started so
I can only tell you honestly i don't know how it happened
All my steampunk friends and peeps have taken up to rappin'

Simple rhymes simple pleasures order of the day
Professor's got a word for it, it's not feng shuei
Fighting in your trousers, drinking java joy
Elemental's pleasures are for the hoi poloy

Elemental pleasures were the thing to do
Boxing is so commonplace, not for me and you
There's no joys in Middle Class, only just the bunk
Lets add some joy to Middle Class, lets add FUNK

Drinking tea, eating scones, VERY Middle Class
Piss off the tea, funk the scones, get up off your ass
Your expectations high or low, I'll certainly surpass
Steampunk FUNK needs one more thing, lets add some funky brass.

What you knew 'til now was cool, what you knew 'til now
Here comes something new, a jewel, and golly gosh oh wow
Gotta get up on your feet, gotta take a chance
Gotta get up on your feet and do a funny dance

Shake your bodice and your bustle, snap your corset stays
You can get your pleasures now in oh so many way

Shake your bodice and your bustle now its time to funk
We can dance all night together you can touch my junk

(repeat chorus)

Shake your bodice and your bustle pick that bass guitar
Add kick drum and funky brass, it's Steampunk Funk Bizarre!

(c) 2012 SteampunkFunk Bizarre~all rights reserved~
reproduction/distribution in any form without written permission of SteampunkFunk Bizarre illegal, unlawful and just not nice. SINGULAR EXCEPTION: brief passages may be quoted with proper attribution for written articles/blogs. Please use contact email on SteampunkFunk homepage.
Track Name: Funky 2 Step (in the Park)
Dancing with The Chrononauts is really quite a lark
Summer Sundays, 6 p.m., the band shell in the park
Mazurkas, polkas, they're exercise, there is no swing and sway
Time travelers brought us new dance music, écouter, s'il vous plaît

Hop step first. Start with your left foot then walk forward four
Then with your left foot, back four steps
And do it all once more.... watch me

I'm going to show you the next 2 parts right here....

Once the basic steps are down, the rest is easier still
Repeat them right side, left side once, use bounce and sway to fill
There is a "marking time" before you reach the first repeat
Move your hips north, east, south, west to the funky beat

Now you're gonna show your stuff
And how! So simple, hardly rough.
You've got it down, I know you do
It's not just exercise
Give it your best shouldst you forget
Just stand and improvise.

You gave it your best, I knew you could do it
You certainly did do your best, I knew you would work through it

You don't need me anymore to do this funky dance
But we can do it one more time, this is your second chance.

C'est tout!
Track Name: Merde! Mon Dieu! (Absinthe! Sacrebleu!)
Merde! Mon Dieu! Absinthe! Sacrebleu! (X 4)

Diamond dogs! Lecherous men!
Crime rates spiral up without controls
Physical ills, social blights rock us to the bottom of our souls
There is a cause as we all know, soaking into image ridden brains
Psychotic visions, bursts of light~we've GOT to know, I ask you
Who's to blame?

what is this curse that is so foul, causing minds to wither and decay
She looks so pretty... innocent... Its that evil vicious bitch
That little green fée

Merde! Mon Dieu! Absinthe! Sacrebleu! (X 4)

Luminaries of the day inside the Moulin Rouge
Dripping water, sugar cubes, looking for the louche
Brilliant men their minds obsessed with creative thought
Here's the names and you'll see
That absinthe's not for naught

Oscar Wilde and Van Gogh, Manet, Edgar Allen Poe
Arthur Rimbaud, Hemmingway
Bohemia is on display
Jules Verne, LaTrec Talouse
Picture that!! No thoughts obtuse
Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas
Artists painting near and far
They had style, no disgrace
Creative minds all in their place
Pablo, Charles, n'est pas c'est tout?
Eric Satie, nous aimons vous

Gentlemen with wormwood minds
Brilliant in their thought designs
What shall we do? Fée verte's no rogue

Merde! Mon Dieu! Absinthe! Sacrebleu! (X 4)