UK Edition ~ WhaDitIz

by LMJ3~SteampunkFUNK Bizarre

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Introduced at ASYLUM, Lincoln, UK September 2012 by Lord MontyJacques III While I took gentle swipes at Professor Elemental in my original recording, I only felt that, in all fairness, Mr. B/Gentleman Rhymer should be included, ergo, a re-write of lyrics was in order. Enjoy!


By way of explanation 'cuz ya really gotta know
I have absolutely no idea where it started so
I jumped a zep, crossed the pond, heard about your chappin’
Hello UK, got lots to say so let’s start rappin’

(Let’s see now, there’s chap rap, chap hop, OOH and steampunkFunk, it simple)

Simple rhymes simple pleasures order of the day
Professor's got a word for it, it's not feng shuei
Fighting in your trousers, drinking dark brown joy
Elemental's pleasures are for the hoi poloy

(spoken: but he does have the word for it…supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, right? Wrong! Oh, come on… I’m only joshing… after all, he IS my role model… More tea? Have a scone… they are sooooooo nasty!

Elemental pleasures were the thing to do
Boxing is so commonplace, not for me and you
There's no joy in Middle Class, only just the bunk
Lets add a joy to Middle Class, lets add FUNK

Mr. B, I hoped you’d show me cricket,
The only thing I saw good sir you peddling your arss
Your cycling down the streets of Surrey, I was totally aghast!
SteampunkFUNK can offer more if you add funky brass.
(chorus) Mr. B, Professor E, I’m LMJ3 CHEERS!
Chap rap, chap hop, now SteampunkFUNK
There’s room for all, no tears.
The usurper from the colonies has come to take his chance.
It’s all in fun, I mean no harm, lets do a funky dance…LADIES

Shake your bodice and your bustle, snap your corset stays
You can get 3 pleasures now , hop, rap and funky ways
(maybe even 4 pleasures)

Shake your bodice and your bustle now its time to funk
We can dance all night together you can touch my junk

(repeat chorus)

Shake your bodice and your bustle pick that bass guitar
Add kick drum and funky brass, it's Steampunk Funk Bizarre!
But of course!


released December 11, 2012
Michael Perrotta~studio production



all rights reserved


Steampunk Funk Bizarre/Lord MontyJacques III

International purveyor of Victorian Funk, Rap and assorted lyrical conundrums, Monty mixes Victorian subject matter with danceable funk backbeat. He has created an entirely new Steampunk sound that offers a delicious confection of funk, soul and just plain fun! American based, Steampunk Chronicles' "Person to Watch/2013" has toured the UK, DE, Holland, Luxemburg, NZ with lots more to come! ... more

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